What are the kitchen supplies?

Kitchen supplies are generally classified according to their functionality, which mainly include storage supplies, cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, tableware, small kitchen appliances, and decorative supplies.

Storage supplies

Among all the spaces in the home, the kitchen has the most things, so the kitchen has the most types of storage supplies. According to the different areas of the kitchen and the items to be stored, there are corresponding storage supplies or tools.

Storage box: It is mainly used to store some common supplies used in the kitchen. There are many types of storage boxes. It is recommended to choose a suitable storage box according to the shape of the storage supplies and the principle of convenient access.

For example, the open storage box for the dishes is clearly labeled.

The storage box under the sink, with handles and pulleys, is very convenient without having to drill into the cabinet to find things.

All kinds of accessories and fresh-keeping boxes.

Noodle storage box.

Green onion and garlic fresh-keeping drain box

There are also fresh-keeping bags and so on. There are many types of fresh-keeping boxes. It is recommended to unify the style and color when purchasing, so that the kitchen looks more tidy and beautiful.

Shelves: Shelves are mainly used to expand or utilize the space of the cabinet and increase the storage function of the kitchen.

Common racks have floor-to-ceiling racks, which can hold larger pots and tableware, as well as daily ingredients.

Wall-mounted racks are used to store seasonings, cooking tools, etc., without occupying space on the countertop.

The retractable shelf can make full use of the irregular space under the sink and obtain more storage functions.

There is also a drain rack, which can be used for storage and draining, and is also very practical. For example, sink drain rack, dishwashing sponge drain rack, tableware drain rack and so on.

Seasoning jar Seasoning bottle: used to store the spices used in cooking, play a neat and beautiful role.

Trash bin: used to store food waste. Today, when garbage sorting is implemented, kitchen trash bins are also advancing with the times, and sorting trash bins have entered thousands of households.

In addition to the traditional trash can, there is also a wall-mounted trash can, which is convenient for cleaning up kitchen waste and does not easily stain the ground.

More advanced there are smart trash cans, human body induction operation, automatic packaging and other functions.

Rice bucket and coarse grain fresh-keeping box: used to store rice, flour, soybean coarse grains, etc., to keep fresh and prevent insects.

cleaning supplies

The kitchen is the "severe disaster area" in household hygiene, so there are many types of cleaning supplies in the kitchen. According to the cleaning purpose, the main ones are:

Range hood cleaner: It is used to clean heavy oil on the hood filter. There are sprays, foams and granules, but granules need to be washed, and sprays are more convenient.

Stainless steel pot bottom cleaning paste: It can eliminate the blackened stainless steel pot bottom and restore the original appearance of the material.

Cleaning supplies for dishwashing: dishwashing sponge, dish towel, baking soda, etc.

Wipes: clean countertops, stoves, water stains, etc., among which fish scale wipes have a better effect on cleaning water stains, leaving no traces.

Mildew Removal Agent: Because of the humid environment in the kitchen, mold around the sink is prone to mildew. You can use mildew removal gel or 84 disinfectant to remove mildew.

Cooking supplies

Cooking supplies are mainly various cutting boards, knives, spatulas and spoons used in the kitchen, as well as various pots.

And these supplies, each category is divided into many kinds. Chopping boards include wooden chopping boards, bamboo chopping boards, plastic chopping boards, and anti-mold synthetic chopping boards. There are even more types of pots.


Mainly refers to household items used for dining, such as bowls, chopsticks, spoons, spoons, heat insulation pads, etc.

Small kitchen appliances

Small kitchen appliances include: cooking machines, bread machines, coffee machines, soymilk machines, electric baking pans, wall breakers, water purifiers, etc., all of which are considered kitchen supplies. In addition, there are smart disinfection knife and chopstick holders.

Kitchen decorations and others

Used for kitchen decoration, such as curtains, greaseproof stickers, ornaments, green plants, etc.